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The RODOGRIP precision locking nuts are used to keep bearings or other components firmly positioned onto threaded shafts. They are the ideal devices for position adjustement and for pre-loading axial and conical roller bearings, either singly or in combination. The locking nuts also can hold any pulley, torque limiting couplings or recirculation ball screws in their assigned position.

In the construction of machine tools, and particularly of spindles and power drives, there is a strong demand for means to ensure an accurate, reliabale and space-saving lockin action and all of above can be satisfied by the RODOGRIP precision locking nuts.



The RODOGRIP precision locking nuts have a solid and compact design; they can be locked on the shaft by means of their integrated locking system, without the need for counter ring nuts, washer or keyways on the shaft. After screwing the locking nut on the shaft in the required position, three steel set hex socket screws placed radially around the outer circumference of the RODOGRIP nut must then be screwed.

These set screws press on brass brass tips, which, in turn, press directly on the threaded shaft. The surface of the brass tips is duly shaped and aligned with the trend of the thread on the locking nut and shaft. This most important feature ensures a reliable and firm locking action.



• ground contact face
• ground thread
• minimum dimension in diameter and width
• high quality material and finish
• max. error within 0.002 mm ( 0.005 mm >M50)
• easy radial access for locking
• they can be disinstalled and re-positioned
• unaffected by temperature changes
• they do not deform the thread on the shaft
• low locking torque for a permanent grip
• European manufacturing
• specific experience
• present and future availability guaranteed
• space saving or wide series both available
• excellent cost/benefit ratio
• threads M10 through M150 in stock
• choice between three sizing ranges
• special manufacturing up to thread M215
• available with left-hand threads
• stainless AISI 303 steel version available

Adjusting or pre-loading the clearance on axial bearing is a one step, quick and accurate operation with RODOGRIP. Save considerably on assembly time and cost!



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