RODOFLEX flexible couplings are built to withstand the misalignment of the hub normal axis and remain torsionally stiff. The couplings have no radial elasticity, clearance and zero back-lash since the flexible element in the coupling is a steel bellow. The flexible coupling performance depends on the number and extent of the bellow folds.




RODOFLEX flexible couplings are used to couple revolving axis that are imperfectly aligned; they maintain precise torque transmission with no elasticity or radial clearance even in case of acceleration or change of the rotation sense.

The flexible couplings equipped with steel bellows are suitable for numerical control machine tools, automation, packaging machines and robots.




The range includes:

1.RODOFLEX “miniature” couplings for encoders and tacho-generators equipped with hub bores, diameter from Ø 2 mm to Ø 24 mm, torques up to 12 Nm and rotation speed up to 6.000/8.000 rpm.

2.RODOFLEX “power transmission” couplings for servomotor power drive, equipped with hub bores, diameter from Ø 6 mm to Ø 60 mm, torques up to 320 Nm, entirely manufactured in stainless steel.


Encoders and tacho-generators are frequently used on automatic numerical control machines: RODOFLEX units are suited to couplings with revolving shafts. RODOFLEX flexible couplings counterbalance angular or parallel misalignment and/or axial displacement caused by installation and manufacture tolerances. In order to guarantee a virtually indefinite life span, the misalignment limitations detailed in the tables must not be exceeded. The steel bellows are highly flexible and prevent excessive stress on the bearings inside the encoder thus lengthening the unit average life span.

The small size and weight of units ensure compact assembly and limited moments of inertia.



RODOFLEX flexible couplings are ready for installation: Getecno supplies couplings with finished bores ground to G7 tolerances, if you specify the diameter for the hub bores (in millimetres or inch fractions). A number of couplings are available in two different overall lengths. Hub machining is completed at the plant prior hub-to-bellows permanent assembly. It is not advisable to perform any subsequent reboring to alter the diameter of the hub bore.




The well-sized locking system is carefully designed to cope with the maximum load bearing capacity of each coupling type and size. The couplings withstand the nominal torque stated in the tables with regard to the misalignment limits. Thanks to the 2.5 safety factor the couplings can withstand considerable load peaks. The choice between radial set screw locking hubs (AMK.. range) and locking clamp hubs (AMKN.. range) depends on the location of the hub screws and how often the couplings must be assembled/dismantled.

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