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The RODOBAL range of Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings was launched in 1978, since when it has gained an enviable reputation in a wide range of industries. Designers appreciate the diversity of the range available which offers them a multiplisity of dimensions and materials to meet their specific needs. Added to which they are usually ex stock.


Engineers designing rod ends must be aware of many requirements: space saving construction, load capacity, wear resistance, long life, resistance to environmental conditions and, not least, price expectations. The common ground is the dimensional schedule DIN 648K which specifies overall sizes, bores and threads. RODOBAL rod ends and bearings can so be interchanged with most competitors' metric units. The manufacturing program includes rod ends with male or female shaft, both right-hand or left-hand, and spherical bearings without shaft so it's possible to chose out of: BASIC series, for general purposes HEAVY DUTY series, for high loads EXTRA HEAVY DUTY series, for extreme loads STAINLESS series, for corrosion cases STANDARD series, for non-critical applications Beside the regreasable, metal on metal sliding coupling types, MAINTENANCE FREE versions, with anti-friction, reinforced PTFE liner, are equally available.


This series designed for applications on race cars, has been developed to meet the following requirements:-

  • Dimensions and weight as small as possible within the limits of the capacity required.
  • Support axial and radial loads.
  • Withstand shock loads and vibration.
  • Zero radial clearance
  • Wear resistant
  • Fine pitch threads
  • Stable within a wide temperature range
  • Corrosion resistant.


RODOBAL rod ends with suffix "..MTE" have CrMoNi alloy forged steel body, heat treated, for maximum load capacity. The spherical inner ring in out of carbon steel 100Cr6, hardened. Bore and spherical surface are ground; the inner ring is chrome plated. The suffix "E" in ..MTE indicates the presence between the internal spherical ring and the steel bushing of a reinforced PTFE insert. This antifriction liner serves the purpose of permanently lubricating the joint; the sliding ball coupling has no clearance and needs no lubrication.
With this device it is not necessary to have a lubrication hole and a grease nipple on the body; rod ends with grease nipple have less load capacity. The spherical sliding coupling is a pre-loaded fit, this means is has a very tight fit as a way of preventing ealry clearance increase during the rod end's life. Rod ends' shafts with fine thread pitch -right-hand or left-hand- allow an accurate length setting of the linkage bars fitted with rod ends. RODOBAL rod ends RM ..MTE are corrosion resistant thanks to surface treatment bright nickel plating of the body, the use of stainless steel for the race and the chrome plating of the inner ring.


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