In the application of rod ends, both with female or male threaded shanks, hexagonal nuts are mostly used as jam-nuts to ensure a tight fit and prevent the risk of working loose. It is not a technical problem, but in case of rod ends with special threads (left-hand, fine thread pitch for pneumatics or inch UNF threads) rod end users may have problems in finding on the market limited quantities of suitable jam-nuts. To othercome this minor, but nonetheless frustrating procurement problem, our range of products is including a series of jam-nuts that could be otherwise difficult to obtain. There are three main groups of special jam-nuts: jam-nuts with fine pitch thread for pneumatics or motorsport applications (e.g. M16x1,5), right-hand and left-hand jam-nuts made out of stainless, right-hand and left-hand jam-nuts with inch UNF threads, right-hand and left-hand

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In some kinds of machinery and equipments, a barrier is needed between the rod ends' spherical coupling and the working environment; this may be required for two very different reasons:
1. In environments with corrosive or contaminating agents (dust, mud) when the user needs an adequate protection of the spherical coupling and thus ensure an unchanging performance and a long life for the rod end
2. Rod ends with metal-to-metal spherical couplings must be lubricated and re-greased during their use.

In some applications the use of the RERS.. rubber sealings prevent the leak of grease from the rod ends and the contamination of the surrounding environment.

The rod ends sealing system is composed of a rubber cap which features three short sleeves, one at the bottom to fit the cap on the rod end shank, the other two at the sides of the cap for the bolt or shaft going through the rod end inner ring.

The DR.. distance ring leans on the spherical inner ring and they prevent the rubber sealing from being squeezed if a bolt and nut assembly is used.

When fitting the sealing on the rod ends, the bottom sleeve must be pulled suitably wide for getting the rod end body going easily through it; ring pliers can be of great help.

The neoprene RERS.. sealings can be used as well on female or male rod ends belonging to any of the RODOBAL and AURORA product ranges.

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Distance ring type DR..



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