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When manufacturing rod ends and spherical bearings, a number of factors must be kept in balance: overall dimensions, load capacity, resistance to wear, long life-time, resistance to environmental corrosion and, last but not least, cost. In the AURORA manufacturing programme, there is a combination of different materials, of different machining and assembling techniques. By this means it is possible to offer the choice between:

  • 27 series for various industrial purposes
  • 12 series for race cars and motor cycles
  • 6 series qualified for military uses and aerospace

There are rod ends with sizes in inches or metric, with male or female shafts, with right- or left-hand threads and spherical bearings without shaft.

AURORA for MOTORSPORT applications

The range of components for racing applications takes the following important requirements into account:

  • high load-bearing capacity
  • combined radial and axial stresses
  • a high shock and vibration resistance
  • a small clearance, wear resistance
  • fine pitch threads for finer adjustments
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • relatively small weight and size



In the AURORA types with suffix "T" in their part numbers, a reinforced PTFE anti-friction liner is fitted between the spherical inner ring and the steel race. This antifriction liner makes the bearing maintenance-free; the sliding ball coupling has a very limited clearance and needs no lubrication. In race car applications, the quality of the liners is fundamental; they are required to have considerable load-bearing, wear-resistant and temperature-resistant qualities. The AURORA liners have been carefully designed, tested and patented; the AT 3200 liner comes from experience in the aerospace field and successfully passes the MIL-B-81820 test that establishes very severe limits concerning wear and any consequent increase in the clearance on the coupling. The liner is chemically bonded to the steel race; its specific pressure resistance and hardness are such that these AURORA joints are comparable with the corresponding steel-to-steel couplings.


All AURORA components feature sturdy construction and spherical coupling precision, load-bearing capacity, vibration and shock resistance. In all the above-mentioned ranges, you can choose between types with lubricated steel-to-steel couplings or maintenance-free couplings. The maintenance-free couplings are identified by means of the suffix "T" and have a reinforced PTFE liner inserted between the internal spherical ring and the steel race. This anti-friction liner keeps the spherical coupling lubricated permanently; no lubricating is ever needed and the high quality of the liner keeps the clearance within the required limits, preventing an increase due to wear. The liner is chemically bonded to the steel race; its specific pressure resistance and hardness are such that these AURORA bearings are comparable with those corresponding with steel-to-steel couplings.


Among the many manufacturing series, some types of AURORA rod ends and bearings have special shapes differing from the typical industrial versions and made specifically to satisfy the peculiar dimension and performance demands of race car applications. The XAM.. and other ranges of rod ends have larger shanks and head sections for higher load capacity. In the HAB-T spherical bearings and HXAM-T rod ends, the inner ring is wider and provided with distancing collars in order to allow a greater tipping angle.


UNF JAM NUTS in stock! right-hand and left-hand





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