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ROTA PRECISION was formed in 1994 to supply Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings ex AURORA and RODOBAL. Also other precision related products to niche markets within a wide range of general industries, running from Aerospace through Motorsport to special purpose machinery.

In 1996 ROTA PRECISION changed its commercial strategy focussed on one single product and enlarged the basic manufacturing program to include RODOFLEX and RODOGRIP aswell as RODOBAL. The RODOFLEX range features flexible couplings and the RODOGRIP range includes precision lock nuts with an integrated locking system.

In 1998 ROTA PRECISION continued to broaden its range adding Cam Followers ex SMITHS Bearings (USA) and special ball and roller bearings ex REVOLVO.

In 2000 ROTA PRECISION launched expertise which was applied to high performance motor vehicles both on and off road. Working with universities and manufacturers, this development is on going.



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